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.CLUB CEO talks about the Launch.


In a live presentation recorded in Webex for an audience of Ukraine programmers, and technology professionals at GeeksforLess,  Colin Campbell (CEO), along with Dirk Bhaghat (CTO) present their vision for .CLUB.

The topics included:

The history of how .CLUB and how it was won in auction.
Why the CEO chose to target .CLUB in particular.
How .CLUB and other top level domains will change the way the internet works.
And the future vision of a platform for clubs and associations.

Clubbing in Durban

.CLUB at Durban with Alina (Head of HR)

.Club today signed a contract with ICANN to sponsor the next 4 ICANN conferences including Durban, South Africa. .Club believes that it is important to introduce this new top level domain to the internet community and work closely with ICANN to ensure that we manage the launch of this name in a responsible and transparent manner. If you happen to be in Durban, stop by the booth and join the .club.

.CLUB CEO Colin Campbell and CMO Jeff Sass appeared on the Internet Law Talk podcast, hosted by Howard Greenstein and David Mitnick of DomainSkate.  The hosts ask Colin and Jeff about the successful bid to obtain the .CLUB new gTLD, and how things will change in the domain world with the introduction of new extensions such as .CLUB.  Colin and Jeff talk about the strategy for introducing .CLUB and making it easy for everyone to come together around their interests and passions.


Company also completes $7 Million funding to build registry

for clubs all over the world


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – June 6, 2013 — The Internet domain game got a new player today as .Club Domains, LLC has won the rights to the new generic top level domain (gTLD) name .CLUB.   The .CLUB name was obtained in the first private auction to be completed since ICANN began the new gTLD process and signals a historic step forward as the global Internet expands beyond the current 21 generic top-level domain names, including .com and .net.


The company also announced that it has exercised its option to complete a $7 million funding round, paving the way for .Club’s CEO Colin Campbell, the founder of Tucows and Hostopia, to bring his experience building and growing successful technology and Internet companies to this next frontier of Internet domains.


“We are thrilled to have won the first gTLD private auction and now be in a position to ensure that .CLUB is one of the first new generic domain names to come to market worldwide,” said Campbell.  “We believe that very few new domain names carry the inherent marketing message and global recognition that the name ‘club’ represents.  What .COM has done for companies, .CLUB will do for membership organizations of all sizes.” Campbell noted that .CLUB has consistently been among the top 20 new generic TLD’s across numerous pre-registration sites.


With the auction for the name now complete, subject to ICANN application approval, .CLUB will be among the first new generic TLD’s to come to market. Domains like,, and should hit the market in late 2013 or early 2014.  In addition to acting as the worldwide .CLUB registry, the company has plans to offer .CLUB domain name registrants a web and mobile social platform designed specifically for member engagement and management, making it easy for clubs of any kind to establish themselves on the internet.


“I created .Club Domains with the vision to help bring together people who have similar ideas, hobbies, or interests and create the easiest way to find, join or start a club on the internet,” added Campbell.  “Names with the .CLUB extension will allow any kind of affinity group, hobbyists, sports enthusiasts and more to easily find or create a site where like-minded people can come together, get information and share interests.”


Campbell, the founder of Tucows and Hostopia, is a Toronto-born serial entrepreneur based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  .CLUB is one of the new top level domain names applied for since ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) opened the application process in January 2012.  The other participants in the .CLUB auction were Donuts Inc, who has applied for 306 new gTLD names, and Merchant Law Group, who applied for eight domains.  .CLUB is the only name applied for by .Club Domains.  Major companies and brands including, Google, Amazon, Nike and others have also applied for new gTLD names.


About .Club Domains, LLC

Led by Internet entrepreneur Colin Campbell, whose prior successes include Tucows Interactive and, .Club Domains, LLC was formed for the purpose of becoming the .CLUB gTLD registry.  Fully understanding the inherent marketing value of a .CLUB domain for any membership organization, .Club Domains is also building a comprehensive social platform for club management.  .Club Domains is a one-stop shop for clubs of all sizes to secure a great domain, grow club membership, improve member engagement and reduce management costs.  By combining an easy to use web services platform with a top level domain based on a globally recognized term, .CLUB is “the easiest way to find, join or start a club.”  More information and pre-registration of .CLUB domains is available now at




Contact Information:


Bridgette King

For .Club Domains Public Relations



(Fort Lauderdale, Florida. May 29th, 2013) .Club Domains, LLC an applicant for the new top level domain, .CLUB, has signed the applicant auction agreement with Innovative Auctions Limited from Hong Kong to participate in an auction in early June. .Club Domains, LLC is currently in contention for “.CLUB” with Koko Manor, LLC who’s parent is Donuts, Inc. and Merchant Law Group, LLC.


According to .Club Domain, LLC’s founder Colin Campbell, “From the beginning of the ICANN process for new gTLD’s we have been focused on obtaining the .Club name, and we are looking forward to resolving contention through a private auction. Win or lose, we believe this private auction approach allows us to either acquire the name at a fair market value, or be fairly compensated for our efforts.”


The company’s founder added, “We are happy to announce the successful raise of 3.5 million dollars for the purpose of acquiring and launching the .CLUB name.” The funding was raised in a private placement sold to “accredited investors” as defined in Rule 501 of Regulation D under the securities act.


About .Club Domains, LLC


Led by Internet entrepreneur Colin Campbell, whose prior successes include Tucows Interactive and, .Club Domains, LLC was formed for the purpose of becoming the “.CLUB” gTLD registry.