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.CLUB CEO talks about the Launch.



As the timeframe for the launch of new gTLD’s draws closer it is great to see more mainstream publications covering the domain namespace.  After all, those of us in the industry exist within a bit of a fishbowl, yet for the new gTLD’s to truly be successful mainstream business and consumer awareness is most important.  According to The New Yorker,

Suddenly reorganizing the way we navigate the web with new strings like .guru, .club, or .google might seem frivolous or strange, but entities like ICANN and its stakeholders insist that they will make the Web more intuitive and user-friendly…

We of course agree about the opportunity to improve the web with more relevant names, and we are pleased to see .CLUB mentioned as an example.  Verticalized generic TLD’s like .CLUB can give companies and individuals that missed the boat on getting the right .com a second chance and the opportunity get a name that can actually offer more meaning (and thus potential marketing value) than a plain old .com or .biz.   Names like and immediately tell you that the web site reflects people coming together around shared interests and passions.  

You can read the full article at The New Yorker.

.CLUB CEO Colin Campbell and CMO Jeff Sass appeared on the Internet Law Talk podcast, hosted by Howard Greenstein and David Mitnick of DomainSkate.  The hosts ask Colin and Jeff about the successful bid to obtain the .CLUB new gTLD, and how things will change in the domain world with the introduction of new extensions such as .CLUB.  Colin and Jeff talk about the strategy for introducing .CLUB and making it easy for everyone to come together around their interests and passions.